Kim Doyle Wille Photography | The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Returns! April 4, 2011
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I had a GREAT time catching up with Picklin' Pat and his new WEENR crew-mate, Maria, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado at the 19th Street Diner. This was a newer Wienermobile than the one I rode in back in September, 2010. During my "Good Mood Mission", I rode Shotbun in the Wienermobile, to area food pantries where valley gardeners shared their harvests with the hungry, took photos whenever possible during that busy and memorable day and wrote a lengthy blog detailing the amazing successes that came out of that day.

Kraft Foods sure knows how to pick wonderful, hard-working, charismatic people. Kraft also has AWESOME hunger relief initiatives through Feeding America as well as several great ideas, contests, projects, etc. which are bringing awareness to the epic hunger issues going on in the U.S. as well as ways to engage in activism, to people everywhere. Bravo, Kraft Foods!

Wishing Patrick and Maria safe travels, wonderful memories and many blessings of abundance. <3