Kim Doyle Wille Photography | Buffalo Chip August 8, 2009 The Guess Who/Larry McCray/Final Night
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From my "perspective"...

The final day of events began as a beautiful morning, taking photos of some really nice people and then capturing the crew getting the Buffalo skull sculpture ready for the Dedication.

The preparation began with Scott Bonacci & Jon Stegall being assisted by Chad Stewart, a tatoo artist from the booth next door, in moving the skull to the center of the booth. Then Scot Kesler proceeded to cut the back support/stand away from the skull, while Jon and Scott pulled the stand away and supported the skull simultaneously. The next series of photos shows them raising the skull to a 45 degree angle and Scott Bonacci welding it to the support post for better visibility of the sculpture for all. Scot then sanded and polished the former weld down and proceeded to polish the entire sculpture then painted the entire support/stand, black, while the others raised it in assistance.

They were just finishing up the beautification project for the dedication when the Buffalo Chip Media team showed up to "cover" the dedication. A member of the media made a call to see what the schedule was and without a word, disappeared, obviously indicating that there would be no dedication this day. Vaughn hid his disappointment and proceeded to cut in the beautiful mark that Lori had drawn, (in an earlier photo), commemorating their love.

I took more photos and celebrated the leisurely afternoon capturing Scott, Rhonda and Alicia getting her hair French-braided by Rhonda.

We were getting excited and the media were starting to show up for the dedication as well as some loyal Chipsters, seen in the photos. Pretty soon though, a member of the media made a call and before we knew it, the media all had quietly disappeared. It started to become obvious that the dedication would not happen this day. Then Woody showed up and confirmed our disappointment. It was a tough week for the Buffalo Chip with 6 straight days with severe rain and/or hail, Steven Tyler falling off the stage, etc., etc. I think the demands on the staff and their time, of the events of that week, lead to the Buffalo sculpture awaiting a day in the future for this to happen. The encouraging event in all this was that we all realized how much of a "community art project" this is and that the sculpture should be displayed on the ground level so that it can be enjoyed by all. We also envision a Buffalo shaped "canopy", 3 times the size of the current sculpture, that would be an awesome addition providing protection from the elements of the sculpture and participants while also acting as a secondary art piece. With the blue LED lights installed within the sculpture, the "marks" would be reflected on the underside of the canopy and provide a wonderful visual effect at night. We are eager to see the ideas come to fruition and the Dedication Ceremony take place in between acts on the largest concert night next year so that most of you can be in attendance and as a huge Thank you for your support!

The afternoon was cheered up substantially when Scott Bonacci grilled us T-Bone steaks he bought for all of us and served it up complete with salad, etc. and it was awesomely delicious after so many days without an entire meal. Before I ate though, and to Scotts chagrin, I hopped on the golf cart with my friend Kim Terry from Basalt and made a final tour of the campground to capture the post hail storm mess and the clean-up efforts. When I returned, the crew was almost finished eating but Scotty had saved me a plate. Thank you Poppa Wop!

After dinner I wandered out briefly to capture life around the park while waiting for the nightly concerts, went up to the Media Center and captured the DJ's doing their things then went back to photograph one nice couple before the nightly DELUGE set in. We had been warned it would be worse than the night before so we donned 55 gal. trash sacks and held the tents down. Gratefully, it didn't hail but all was soggy nonetheless so we decided to take our team photo as "poor white trash". There was a rainbow in the dreary skies that kept spitting water at my lens but the Chipsters are resilient and returned to the wet plaza. Scot lit and stoked the forge to provide heat for damp Chipsteries moseying by and I captured the amount of water that fell in the trash can and the beautiful hues of the post sunset.

It was a slower evening at first so Scot had time to craft an iron cross while I took more photos of people and their marks. I said good-bye to friend April Skye who helped tell so many about the Buffalo skull and actually got listeners of hers, still in California, to leave their mark in the sculpture. I shot on. At one point, I got underneath the sculpture and captured the marks from that perspective.

I have to say that this was my favorite night of music. People were in a great mood despite the adversities of the week and the evening was memorable and fun. The crew from the tatoo bus/booth next door came over to leave their marks and were hilarious to photograph. Our friend Brian Thoe from the Midget Bowling came by and I had a great time doing photos "shoots" with him. I danced with Lori and also captured her dancing. The new lead singer for the Guess Who absolutely NAILED it! Hard to believe he wasn't even born when they began. It was a great end to an amazing week and adventure.

I am now working on the August 9th gallery which shows the pack up, team photos and the temporary resting place of the Buffalo skull sculpture. I will next work on the 2 days of travel and set-up and then the photos taken of Chipsters from Colorado who left their mark. I should be complete with all albums by Sunday, September 20th.

Thanks for reading and viewing and hope to see/photograph you next year at the Buffalo Chip!

Safe journeys to all of you,

Kim Doyle Wille


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