Kim Doyle Wille Photography | #OccupyAspen Aspen, Colorado 10.22.11
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This was the second #OccupyAspen event, planned for each Saturday, starting last Saturday, October 15. I arrived late to the first impromptu "meeting" to plan how to proceed with future events. It was decided to have an actual fun event with bands, etc., in the same locale, Saturday, November 5, 2011, to attract more people, learn, educate, etc.

Apologies to Lee Mulcahy & Raymond, for not getting photos of you today. I arrived late and spent my time trying to catch up on what was going on. I'll do better next time!

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Welcome to #OccupyAspen at Wagner Park/Rugby FieldWhat's the difference between this photo and the last?Patricia OvertonFormer Pitkin County Sheriff, Bob Braudis (served for 24 years!)