Kim Doyle Wille Photography | Buffalo Chip August 1, 2009 Family Stone Project/Classic Rock All Stars
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August 1st, from my "perspective"...

It was a beautiful morning with Chad the tatoo artist dropping by right off the bat, which also a real bat did at the base of the scupture. Then our friend Har-V came by with his "cheap hoe". We dressed 'er up a little with some Jagermeister regalia.

This was the day I learned of PFC Alex Clay who was killed by a road-side bomb in Iraq on August 4, 2007, from his loving father who left his mark in the sculpture. I heard more stories and memorials. This was a day I will never forget and that is well commemorated in the Buffalo skull sculpture, which truly took on the "community" persona this day.

The day went by quickly and ended with a really cool performance by the fire dancers, just in the plaza adjacent to the Iron Arts booth.


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