Kim Doyle Wille Photography | Buffalo Chip July 30, 2009 Trip to the Chip, Part II
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This gallery contains photos from day number one at the Buffalo Chip/Bare Bonz Choppers Booth, the day we arrived after a detour/delay in Denver. There is a narrative of the day at the bottom of this message, if you care to read that far.

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From My Perspective:

Our day began as we left the Day's Inn in Lusk, Wyoming. (THE BEST hotel you could want to stay in!) We had about a 3 hour tour to Sturgis complete with lots of alfalfa and mustard fields, old ranches, antelope and horses. Sometimes I was late on the draw and the photos are shot through the glass of the window but all are "drive-by shootings" til we land at the Buffalo Chip.

We met Brian Thompson, the Vendor coordinator and Buffalo Chip MVP, (IMHO), who reminisced with Vaughn. Then Sabrina and Fritz, the tatoo artists from the booth next to our came by. I wandered and took a few photos while we waited for the fork lift to down-load the forge, sculpture, etc., necessary to have in place before we could really set things up. We proceeded to unpack all the vehicles while waiting and right off the bat, I pulled an antique wooden box w/handle out of the truck, walked two steps and GUSH, there were thousands of valuable beads of every size, shape and color laying about the ground. That's me sitting on the ground picking them all up. I found out then/later that the latch doesn't work and it needs to be carried FLAT. :^(

We met Davin Hall from Ekalaka, Montana who purchased the first patch, before we were even set up! He had some nice patches going already. Scott Bonacci's dogs rested on the back of his truck while Lori, Vaughn's wife, started to assemble the first tent. Then Jon Stegall and Scott decided to go check out the post where the Buffalo skull sculpture was scheduled to rest permanently. Scott and Jon had driven the Buffalo skull and a flatbed full of equipment from Colorado and turned around the next morning to drive back to Denver for a few days of work before returning to the Buffalo Chip to help us pack up and move the shop back home.

When we returned to the booth, we met Har-V, the artist/sculptor of "Miss Chippie", the large woman on a bike in the main plaza. Then, along came Gina, one of the videographers for the Chip. She was one hard working girl who I saw several times during the week, always with a smile, any hour of the day/night and doing a great job.

The forklift arrived and Jon and Scott got busy cutting the sculpture away from the support rack they built on the truck prior to leaving.

Narrative to be continued..