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August 4th from my "perspective":

Every day while staying and working at the Buffalo Chip, I would run up to the Media Center to download the photos of the day prior. The process would take a couple of hours. This particular day I was late getting up to the media center and ended up meeting some really great people and realizing we needed a media section in the book to honor all the people putting in many hours and lending voice to all the activities, opportunities, fun, etc. that were occurring at the Buffalo Chip.

So... There are lots of photos of media including my friend, April Skye, a wonderful dj out of Central California who made flyers and passed them out on behalf of the Buffalo skull sculpture, took orders from listeners back home wanting to leave their mark but unable to make it, did live radio interviews, etc. etc. April is known as ClassicRock April and is heard on K100 99.7.

I would be negligent not to mention my/our friend Dan Woodz from Eagle Country 96.3 and his great help in getting people to leave their mark. Thanks Dan AND April!

I no sooner got back to the booth when friends Shawn and Kim Terry from Basalt came up to tell me Steven Tyler was just riding into the Buffalo Chip Campground so I ran over and took photos, got some but was had arms and people crowding my shots of Steven. I did manage to take some photos of his new line of motorcycles then met and photographed more fun people in the booth and got a photo shoot of Lori and Gigi against the dark gray skies before they opened up and soaked us in a windy rain. Lots of folk crowded into the tent and we had a good old time.

The evening came to an end shortly after my friends, father/son team, Gene & Rob Thompson came by to say goodbye before Robs surgery on his leg the next morning. Rob broke his leg on the way in the gate at the Chip on his first day but the great folk at the Chip antied up again when a Grand Rapids Dr. took an interest, being a fellow biker, and performed the surgery while another couple from Kansas, carried Rob's bike back to Kansas City. Way to go Chipsters!


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Kim Doyle Wille

From "my perspective":