Kim Doyle Wille Photography | Buffalo Chip August 5, 2009 Aerosmith Night
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August 5th from "my perspective":

Day six in the Iron Arts/Bare Bonz Choppers booth began with a little coffee and morning hilarity with the gang then heading up to the Media Center to download the previous day's photos where I met and photographed the girls from; Stacy Sturm, Nicole Morrison-Mathern and Lisa Engelstad interviewing comedian Dwight York.

When I returned to the booth I captured some photos of the URLRadio girls as well as Ciji Mitrisin and her gang from the 'Blue Island Tribe. My/our friend April Skye from Classic Rock/K100 99.7 out of Central Valley, California came by to show me her beautiful bike and then I met Amanda Ruiz from the Lakota nation who is an amazing artist and soul as is/was 'Freedom' the "Buffalo Woman".
I was so busy shooting photos and talking with all of you, I didn't even know Steven Tyler had fallen off the stage!

The day was rich with great experiences and wonderful memories. Thanks to all of you even though I haven't mentioned you by name.

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