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Dear GOP Leader Boehner,

We The People of the United States of America DEMAND that the Republican leadership of Congress, BACK DOWN from their demand of the proposed Estate tax cut, made in the current tax extension "deal" between the GOP and President Obama. WHY do the wealthiest Americans need tax breaks when 15 million don't even have jobs that would enable them to pay taxes? Why should we continue a failed policy that brought us to this mess? As Senator Bernie Sanders stated, "This is patently insane". We object to your bullying the American people into tax cuts that benefit the rich but will be paid for by our children. You are holding our lives hostage and We say, HELL NO! Rich and Estate Tax cuts GOTTA GO!

We find that your wanton disregard of recent polls by CNN, USA Today/Gallup, Bloomberg and CBS, showing how the majority of Americans, (67-77%), want the Bush tax cuts to expire for the wealthy, is a breech of trust with the people who you were elected to represent. Yesterday's Washington Post-ABC News poll finds, "A slender 11 percent of those polled back all four of the deal's primary tax provisions: an across-the-board extension of Bush-era tax cuts, additional jobless benefits, a payroll tax holiday and a $5 million threshold for inheritance taxes. Just 38 percent support even two of the components." However, the majority would rather get unemployment passed than chance the GOP excluding all options, should this current "deal" not get passed by January 4, 2011.

Further, empirical data and recommendations by most leading economists tell us that it is not sound judgement to add $758 Billion to our Federal deficit when the #1 BEST way to stimulate the economy is to get benefits into the hands of the unemployed which provides at least a $1.61 "jolt" to the economy for each dollar of benefits paid. It is reprehensible that the GOP is more concerned with protecting the interests of 316,000 wealthy families rather than the will of the majority of 311 million people and that you advocate for the debt that will be incurred while shutting out the 5 million longest unemployed TierV "99ers", with NO consideration of extension of unemployment benefits. We find a reckless dereliction of duty with regard to your fiduciary responsibilities to the detriment of the best interests of the majority of the American people.

We the People, believe the GOP have misunderstood the intent voted in the November elections. Our intent was to REDUCE the deficit, not be in debt to China or Iran or whoever to give tax breaks to the very people that have forced us into record foreclosures, record bankruptcies, homeless shelters and food pantries. Our intention was NOT to burden our children's future with borrowing $758 BILLION so that the wealthy can continue doing what they've been doing the past 10 years with their tax relief, NOTHING but shipping our jobs overseas, tanking the economy through fraudulent speculation and creating the LARGEST income disparity in American history while garnering record corporate earnings in the third quarter of 2010.

*[Please note: All statements in this petition are based on data, statistics and reports that are the work products of official and recognized sources. Every effort has been made to provide the most recent data and reports. Links for all claims and more contained in this petition will be listed at the end in an extensive compendium that paints a thorough picture of why the tax cuts should not be extended to the rich and why every effort MUST be made IMMEDIATELY to give a hand up to the American people in order to BEST stimulate the economy and begin to heal the millions of hurting Americans.]

The "compromise" of 13 months of unemployment in exchange for $200,000 tax cuts for the wealthy who can afford to pay them, is an insult to the millions in distress. What kind of trade is this? Run $758K DEBT for tax cuts to the rich instead of extend money to the most needy who will spend EVERY dollar trying to feed their families and keep their homes heated? Leaving the 99ers out of all discussions, many who've not had benefits since March, 2010 is "critically debilitating", according to Austan Goolsbee. You throw around millions and billions like you're playing Tiddlywinks. It's mind boggling for Americans to comprehend when our families are in need of food and shelter. The International community is also watching and have a bleak perception of how American bankers and leaders are conducting themselves. Our International credibility is at risk!

The Republican leaders appear to have entirely lost their moral compass. It is abundantly clear that the GOP and wealthy of this country are COMPLETELY out of touch with the middle and poverty classes, as the official statistics and data bear out. 311 Million people have a lot more genius, ambition, passion, perseverance and REASON to create jobs than the 316,000 families in the Top 2%. Continuing the same FAILED policies that drove us into this ditch, will only dig us deeper and/or roll us over/crush us. We find the GOP holding the extension of unemployment benefits and our futures hostage, deplorable, repugnant, elitist and arrogant. The "trickle down" has become plugged translating to a GUSH UPWARDS in income to the wealthiest, while human services and organizations are so overwhelmed and lacking of resources, to the point of massive closures of these vital life saving entities.

We are ready to go back to work to rebuild America and we need the GOP to bet on US, not on Wall Street!

We demand that the GOP show/provide us the data and evidence supporting the argument of why tax cuts should be extended to the wealthiest instead of providing a 2 year lifeline to the 18 million under/unemployed as well as the 5 million TierV 99ers, and increasing daily. We find it inconceivable that you would hold hostage the needs and lives of the most vulnerable of our nation to give tax breaks to the wealthiest fraction of our society. Their wealth is historic while the suffering of 44 million now finding themselves categorized as impoverished, is epic and getting worse.

How can the GOP and wealthy turn a blind eye to 54 MILLION people overwhelming U.S. food banks, (17.2 million of them CHILDREN and over 6 million seniors!), 3.5 million homeless, countless millions who have moved in with families post 9 million foreclosures and 13 million more pending? Obesity and malnutrition are two sides of the same hunger coin. Our children are too obese to enter the military and too malnourished to learn in school. The majority of our nation's food banks needs are documented in notebooks then transferred to computers, much the same as Arlington Cemetery except 54Million lives and maybe more, are affected. Where are the computers and broadband infrastructure? Where is the help for the LONGEST UNEMPLOYED TierV 99ers?

There is an epidemic of hunger and homelessness among our nation's college students, trying to get their education so they can try to get a job upon completion. The 18-28 year old demographic are the most unemployable in our economy. 44 million people live below the poverty line, and America has the distinction of being #1 in childhood poverty in the industrialized world. America is suffering RECORD bankruptcies and foreclosures. 50 million are without insurance, 45,000 people dying because of lack of insurance/care last year. 1 in 5 Americans are suffering mental illness but can't afford the care. Child and domestic abuse have seen an alarming rise in statistics as the stress mounts. Suicide rates have risen dramatically since the start of the Recession. More jobless are choosing to take a cut in their Social Security benefits by submitting claims just to feed their families and get medicine. Our schools are in disrepair while teachers continue to become part of the jobless ranks and America is in the middle of the pack in recent International education studies.

The ASPCA estimates 500,000 to 1,000,000 pets are being abandoned as families have to give them up in lieu of paying critical family bills. Libraries are closing at an alarming rate, just as the unemployed need the resources and computers in them to keep alive their job searches. 75% of our nation's fire departments are volunteer, saving the U.S. $39 BILLION in labor each year yet our firefighters and EMS have no gas in their cars to get to emergencies. Charity giving is down dramatically since 2008. Nobody takes into account in ANY of the discussions, the havoc wrecked by the catastrophe of the Gulf oil spill, the economic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina or any of the multiples of tornadoes, floods and natural disasters that inevitably have hit middle class America and not the wealthiest, the hardest. Nor is there discussion of how many charitable foundations were wiped out by the greed and scandal of Bernie Madoff, crippling and closing the very services needed in these economic times.

Our National security is at risk when our children are too obese to enter the military, lack proper education to advance them to college and their parents lack the financial resources to feed and shelter them, let alone pay for their college educations. The middle class saw a $2200 average loss of income per family, during the 10 years of the Bush administration and .028% job creation while the Top 1% now own 23% of all U.S. income. The data doesn't lie. Our National security is at risk!

Feeding America CEO Vicki B. Escarra tells the story in an interview with Katie Couric/CBS, of her meeting an 8 year old boy in a school she was visiting just before Thanksgiving. The child had brought his toys to school to sell, "so that I can buy food so my family can eat." It is morally and ethically wrong to let any child go without food and/or shelter for our nation'