Kim Doyle Wille Photography | Buffalo Chip July 29, 2009 Trip to the Chip, Part I
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This gallery contains photos from our journey to the Buffalo Chip/Bare Bonz Choppers Booth, after a long day's drive from El Jebel and a detour through Denver. There is a narrative of the day at the bottom of this message, if you care to read that far.

There are LOTS of fun options for your photos in this website including framing/mounting, simple downloads of the photos and cups, puzzles, T-shirts, calendars, etc. so please go through and check out all the fun ways to apply your photos. There are even Christmas cards for those of you thinking ahead!!! Just click on any photo and point your cursor in the left hand top corner and you will see the 'cart' option which will take you to the downloads, products, etc.

Please feel free to leave comments in the guest book or to spell your name correctly under your photo to assist me when I assemble the book! Also, the I LOVE and APPRECIATE reading the comments as they help to keep me going during the long hours of editing.

Thanks for your patience and look forward to hearing from each of you, which photo you will want in the book.


Kim Doyle Wille

P.S. If you click on the "Show All" link, you will be easily able to look/scroll through the photos to the time of day you visited and left your mark on the Buffalo skull sculpture.

P.P.S. Remember to choose a photo for the book and email me with that choice and the date of the gallery it is in or put your name/comment under the photo you want in the book! Also, if you know friends who had their photos taken, please let them know the photos are going up!

From my "perspective":

Narrative to be continued..